Super Panalo 99 Meals from Pizza Hut

Monday night and I found myself in the mall; I was supposed to have my new phone fixed, but I got bloopers blush instead. Hence, to erase the memory and blow up my smashed ego, I decided to have a fine meal.

Nowadays, no one can have a decent order without spending Php 100 or more. When I saw the promo plastered to the crystal wall of Pizza Hut, I rejoiced, knowing that I was wrong. Having an appetizer, main course and drinks for only Php99 is promising.

So, I barged into the familiar restaurant and contemplated on what to order. I battled with myself on what appetizer to pick. I want a salad, but I need soup since it seems like I'm going to have colds.


So, I had Cream of Chicken as my appetizer.

The green stuff on top is oiled herbs and the chunks are chicken cubes. I like the thin taste of herbs against the creamy feel of the soup. For my main course, I choose the Chicken BBQ Pan Pizza since I miss the thin crust version of this pizza made in my hometown.

The pizza tastes okay, but it is a weak contender against my hometown's own. I would definitely dine in the restaurants back in my hometown. There are lots of themed restos back there and I miss most of them. 


For my drinks, I had iced tea. Old, plain iced tea. 


And here is my complete meal. I've managed to stuff all these inside my stomach. 


I say,

4 out of 5 sporks

For the complete choices of Pizza Hut's Super Panalo 88 Meals, you may view this online menu. Service from Pizza Hut was great. Serving time was fast. Also, you only get to pay Php99 for the meal and the service charge. I highly recommend it.

*Pictures taken by my Samsung Wave 525.
Pizza Hut
Upper G/F
SM City Dasmariñas,
Governor's Drive, Dasmariñas, Cavite 

6 cutesy burps:

  1. It's a good thing they're maintaining this one. There's nowhere else where we can get something as good for something so affordable!

  2. Yes, I do agree. Years ago, I can already buy a value meal and watch a movie for only 100.

  3. i like their aglio olio!

  4. I too always order their cream of chicken soup. So tasty. =)

  5. ^^ Have to try that!
    ^ Yes, it is! :) I want to try all the combinations! :)

  6. Anonymous9/30/2011

    The cream of mushroom soup tastes great as well, it's my pick over the cream of chicken for appetizer. =)




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