Afternoon Snack in our Secret Place

This was random. My cousin dragged me, my aunt and my uncle to this place where she and her friends come to eat. It was just a canteen, but the food served in there are pretty decent.

I really like how the fruits surprised my sight with a burst of color. And the prices? So affordable. Sliced fruits, fresh salad and fruit juices. Oohm. Fresh.

More fresh fruits on the line. Green apples remind me of my childhood days and fairy tales. Pears remind me of Christmas bells. :) And bananas remind me of peanut butter. You must think I'm crazy.

They ordered a healthy sandwich with cheese, lettuce, and egg. It's banana cake for me. The cake was delish for only Php25. 

I have to buy this lech flan. The cute duo seemed to have a fresh look as it was topped with Kiwi slices. I love how the little caramelized circles tasted -- not to sweet nor too bland. It reminds me of the leche flan that I used to eat back in my hometown. The presentation exceeds my canteen food standards. 

Who would not be tempted with these colorful beverages? Me. Haha. I opted for water. The yellow colored juice turned out to be Papaya. And the orange was orange, I guess. 

This is a view from outside -- the oval, as what they call this place. But the pond is circular, wonder why they named it oval. The canteen is on the right side. Me with cousin, K.

 My carefree cousin and I felt we needed to have a jump shot, but all my aunt managed was the photo above. Shookay, we're cool with a pre-jump shot. 

The area at the back is as lovely as that on the front. This mini garden is lush with the greens and my cousin had to ruin the photo. Kidding. She loves the camera too much. I can have photo ops with her. Next time. 

Did you have little paradise discoveries, too? I want to know, I want to go there. ;)

2 cutesy burps:

  1. love the pics...o_0
    pang hotel ang food presentation..

    w w w w w
    | | | | |

    -5 out of 5 sporks ..hehehe

  2. Huo gne! Nami. may pics pa ko sa phone. Wa ko pa na upload. hehe




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