Souk Kafe: A Fave Local Resto

Souk Kafe, my favorite resto in the vicinity. I have discovered this place when my mother paid me a visit a few months back. I have to get off from work late, and there were only a few options left for us to dine in. Good thing, Souk Kafe is still up for some hungry mother-daughter-tita trio.

It was heaven at first bite. Eversince, I can't stop talking about Souk Kafe. I dragged my officemates to go have dinner in Souk Kafe on payday. I have already marked my favorite dishes on my first visit. So, ordering was just a breeze. 

And look, they have a new menu, which has the feel of a coaster. Can you see the prices? They're pretty affordable, eh?


Excited much? The food in here reminds me of my fondness for Thai cuisine, but Souk Kafe is inspired by Abu Dhabi's food and culture. For that night, these are what we had.

Because with us is a pizza lover, we just can't do without pizza. Our table was graced with two Mana Pizzas that night. One of them is the Garlic and Cheese Mana Pizza. Their Mana Pizza is cut differently with one vertical slice and several horizontal slices, making none of them equal in area, except for their adjacent pair. (Or you could say one horizontal slice and several vertical slices, depending on your reference.) Anyway, this garlic and cheese pizza is the best that I have ever tasted -- creamy and super savory. The dough used is different, the white one that is similar to that of panini sandwiches. 

We also ordered Margherita Mana Pizza. It has tomatoes, basil and cheese. I am not a fan of tomatoes on pizza, but I still enjoyed the cheesy portions. 

Also, I have enjoyed the free seasoning that I can just sprinkle on my slice of pizza or on my pasta. See. See. Too bad there's no more Garlic and Mozzarella Seasoning. That was my favorite when I first got to dine in here. 

We also had Bacon and Cream Pasta, which tasted superb. It's nothing too creamy nor too bland, so the umay factor is not there. The garlic bread on the side is also made from that same white dough.

Aside from the white-sauced pasta, we also had Spaghetti with Meatballs. Spaghetti is nothing too surprising for me. I am just not into spag. 

And my favorite Souk appetizer -- Kheema. Kheema is a bowl full of flavor. It's spiced ground beef with yoghurt sauce. I'd like to eat them with rice. But, we had them with Fried Rounds instead. They're like crackers with minimal flavors, so eating the two together is perfect.


For our beverage, we had their special blend of iced tea. Special blend because it has another name, which I kind of forgot. It tasted a little different than the ordinary iced tea. 


Here I am again with my obsession on details. xD

It's kind of dim inside, the candles on the centertables made it more cozy.

On one of the resto walls, there's this area that the owners have allotted for all things Abu Dhabi. There are wines, lamps and the thingamajig that the silkworm was toying with in Alice in Wonderland. What do you call that? 

These little objects have added authenticity to the resto bar. There's a sunny slab of wood, crystal-wrapped lights, and 

cute little presents. The colors are much more nicer in real life. Actually, the red box cover is not actually red. It's one of the pink hues, if I remember correctly. 


We even fooled around the trinkets area. The rest of the photos aren't blog-worthy. So, I am sharing only one. 

With just a few bites, here we are, all smiles. We knew this dinner is going to be a sumptuous one. I am definitely going back for more. 

Btw, thanks to A for the pictures. 
Suok Kafe
Robinsons Terazza Dasma 
Dasmariñas, Cavite, Philippines
 Phone Number (+63 46) 852-2531, (+63 926) 690-5353 
 Services: Parties, Catering
Official Website:

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  1. Anonymous12/05/2011

    aiza, ang ganda ng mga gifts! GUD EVE!!

  2. ahaha, nagustuhan mo ba, mommy>?

  3. Love the lamps and ang cozy ng place! :) Too bad it's so far from our place. I'm drooling over the Garlice and Cheese, and Margherita Mana Pizzas! :)

  4. They should branch out, super sarap kasi ng food nila. :) You should come visit them if you have already finished reviewing all the restos in your place. hehe

  5. love how you blogged about the place! Funny but we have the same background, and almost the same name, which I don't really mind though, I hope you too...I never knew Dasmarinas, have a good place to eat, we lived there three years ago, we would always go to SM not Robinsons, but hey thanks for this post, everytime we visit our house there, we will definitely check the place out.
    Here is mine btw:
    followed you, hope you return the favor, thanks!

  6. Thanks for sharing this :)




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