Malcolm's Burger First Anniversary Treat

Burgers were my staple food back in high school. If they are without cheese, I would not eat them. The melted cheese sticking to the buns is just a lovely sight. Aside from the cheese, I have to go get french fries. Not that I need a taste diversion. It's just that burgers are not burgers without fries, or potato chips in any case.

This first month of the new year, I can relive my teenage food affair with burgers through one of the metro's famous burger joint, Malcolm's Burger.

Malcolm's Burger is a modern diner where you can munch on flame grilled burgers and sip creamy milkshakes with friends and family. It is this food establishment that first introduced Wagyu burgers to us, Filipinos way back Nov of 2006.

Wagyu is a certain cattle breed that are genetically predisposed to intense marbling, which results to more oleaginous unsaturated fat. This simply means that devouring on such will enable the eater to taste natural flavors, increased tenderness and juiciness.

So, yum. If you'd like to personally experience this one of a kind burger, then you ought to pay Malcolm's Burger a visit this Friday, January 13th.

Hold your breath. There's more, but I am not going to spill it until next week. So, stay tuned for Malcolm's Burger big surprise, which I am going to announce in this blog very soon. 

To distract your raging appetite, let me share a burger trivia. 

Some believe that the first hamburgers in America were made and eaten in a little sandwich shop in New Haven, Connecticut called Louis' Lunch back in 1895. Mr. Louise Lunch is selling steak sandwiches. He doesn't want the excess beef to go to waste, so he just grounded them up, grilled 'em and sandwiched it between two bread slices. Viola -- hamburgers came to be.
Source:  Food reference

There you go. Just drop back by this blog by next week to know of Malcolm's Burger sweet surprise for you. 

#311 G/F PDCP Building 
San Agustin St. cor. V.A. Rufino St., 
Salcedo Village, Makati City 
Tel. No. 8364384 

2 cutesy burps:

  1. I ate at Malcolms Steakhouse and really liked it. Havent tried Malcolms burgers yet :)

    Happy New Year! Please LIKE my Facebook page. Will appreciate it :)

    Cant wait for Malcolms surprise!

  2. Really? I'd like to pay them a visit soon. :) Done. Liked your page already. :)




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