Tasting the Flavors of China

It was one of those Saturday afternoons when I finally got to do something for myself. After I had my hair permed, A and I went straight to Taste of China to grab some dinner.

I had already eaten here once with my family, but too bad I haven't had my camera with me. It was when mom came to visit me where I work. They were all satisfied with the food from Flavors of China. Definitely worth the money you have paid for.


A and I had ordered the same dish, Lauriat. The meal includes one cup of rice, canton, one piece of golden brown fried chicken, three pieces lumpia shanghai, one buchi and crackers.

Up close dish shot:

As lovers of appetizers, we enjoyed this free bowl of crackers. I love munching on them while waiting for our orders to come. {Thanks to blackshirt13 for making me remember that this was for free.}


As usual, we had Iced Tea for our drinks. The lemon made the drink tangy and more seasoned.


Their place mat is an orange paper with printed Chinese trivia. It even had some maze that hungry people to work on to distract them of their grumbling stomachs.

And I took a picture of the lovely fruit tray sitting gracefully on the cashier top. I have to zoom in to it to get its details. Thanks to Adalie's Optical Zoom.


And here's a picture of me with my brand new hair and our orders. My rating?

5 out of 5 sporks

Flavors of China
1st floor, SM Dasmariñas
Governor's Drive, Brgy. Sampaloc 1, 
Dasmariñas City, Cavite

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  1. Anonymous9/30/2011

    Our family loves FoC too. Their seafood fried rice is a winner! =D

    Btw, I didn't know you could order those crackers. The branches here (Batangas and Lipa) automatically serve a free bowl when you order.

  2. Agree! Oh my, oo nga. Free pala yan. Poor na memory ko. Corrected my post already.

  3. Hi! I just stumbled here through random links but I'm glad I did. Your blog has the right combination of lively writing and good photography skills. I might do some back reading :)

  4. Hi there, Madz! Wow, thank you! I am glad you like this site. :) Thought I'd make a connection with you.

  5. love their veggie noodle soup!




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