Chasing Cakes at Chocolat

Whenever I go to MOA to meet up with some friends, I always pass by Chocolat. And when I do, all the moist cakes seem to flirt with my appetite. I am a damsel and I am weak, so I gave in.

Me, getting posey all over Chocolat's storefront


Yumm, these cakes make me want to go live in Land Chocolat everyday.

Strawberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Caramel

Carrot Cake, Tiramisu


I enjoyed my first minutes in this little cake cafe. Look at this wall frame -- everything chocolat.

And here is their menu, hanged for every one to see.

I like this certain portion of the menu, so I zoomed in to take a shot of it. Love the font and the wavy way which it was painted. Reading, you now know how to correctly pronounce Chocolat. Silent T. 

They have these waiting numbers with chocolate quotes. I got a particularly famous quote about life and chocolates. Cute, huh? 


Strawberry Cheesecake for me. It's creamy and all, but it's not my type of cheesecake.

Strawberry Cheesecake

My mom had Carrot Chocolate Cake. All carrot cakes always have this carrot icon on top and that's just so cute. She and I always order some carrot juice whenever we're in the mall. Carrots for our eyesight, but we wouldn't exceed a cup, or else, we'll turn orange. Too much carrot can actually make your skin turn orange. Hit google.

Carrot Chocolate Cake

This Chocolate Hazelnut is for my friend, C. I would have wanted to get a taste of the Hazelnut cube, but I can never eat too much sweet in one sitting only.

Chocolate Hazelnut

For A's sister, Deep Dark Classic. Smooth, moist chocolate. Perfect.

Deep Dark Classic 

A had the priciest of all Chocolat's signature chocolate cakes, Death by Tablea. It has a bittersweet icing made from condensed milk and native cacao.

Death by Tablea


This free day from work was made sweeter by the cakes. This was when mom visited me here. The woman with braces is A's sister. A is sitting next to her. On A's left is C who was seated beside me. And that's my mom in the floral top. 

Photo Credit: A


I think this wooden oval wall piece made the place more authentic. Sadly, the taste of the cakes didn't impress me that much. The cafe details? I can give praises to that.

Photo Credit: A

For the last two pictures, photo credit goes to my friend, A. Visit his Food blog, Pixels and Spices.

I'd rather eat desserts in Dulgie's. Stay tuned for my Dulgie's post. :}

SM Mall of Asia North Parking
SM Mall of Asia Pasay City
Metro Manila Philippines
(02) 556-0188

5 cutesy burps:

  1. their cakes looks yummy! :)

  2. my fave is their death by tablea, choco carrot cake (super yummy!!!) and depe dark classic

  3. I didn;t know MOA has a Chocolat store. I've been trying to locate a branch for months now. =)

  4. I've also tried the Deep Dark Classic and the Choco Hazelnut. But what kept me coming at Chocolat is their Death by Tablea cake. It's the only cake I really like from the store. And I agree, the interior is interesting. I find it really homey.. ^^




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