Catch Up Dates at Soi | Soi Thai Restaurant Review

Catch Up Dates at Soi 
Soi Thai Restaurant Review

Ground Floor, North Wing,
Mall of Asia (MOA) Complex
Pasay City
Contact No.: 02 8364177 
Payment: Cash, Credit Card 

My friend Sylvie and I share a lot of common likes -- books, cute stuff, crafts and well, food. When she and I met a few weekends ago, we started our food tripping and mall hopping with a somehow late lunch at Soi, a Thai cafe in MOA.


Chips and Peanuts | free
While waiting for our orders we were served with free appetizers -- Thai chips and salted peanuts. Yum! I was ecstatic while lunch started. Chips and nuts are my favorite. The chips reminded me of a familiar, beautiful taste, which sadly, I cannot remember.

Pad Thai Chicken | Php 248.00
We were debating whether to order rice or not. Aside from the fact that we are trying to lose weight,  the expensive rice price convinced us to substitute rice with Pad Thai Chicken, a personal favorite of mine too. I love the presentation -- the eggs fried to a criss cross, the meaty and saucy chicken on top, lemon grass and lemon as garnish. I have tasted a lot of pad thais and this one doesn't belong to my top 3. It tasted nice, but did not exceed my expectations. I have a high expectations when it comes to Thai cuisine.

Fried Spring Rolls | Php 148.00
S was right to order this one. I absolutely loved this! The flavor exploded inside my mouth and the orange, slightly sweet sauce even revealed the fullness of the dish. I would love to have this dish again.

Chicken Satay | Php 170.00
Your Thai meal wouldn't be complete without this Chicken Satay. I have tasted a similar dish from My Thai and I have to agree that the herbs in Soi's have given its meal an edge. Same sauces were served on both restos -- vinegar with cucumbers, peppers and onion plus the orange paste (different from the spring rolls sauce). Though the chicken servings are are a little shorter, they are 1 point tastier than those from My Thai. Don't get me wrong though. I still love My Thai.


Sala Shake | Php 65.00
Picking out drinks is a favorite part. But, I have to be careful because I don't like super sweet drinks that can hinder my tastebuds in savoring the various flavors of the meal. When I first opened the beverage section of the menu, this picture of a red drink with ice on top caught my attention and so I asked kuya what flavor does this drink have. He said cherry so I happily ordered one. When our drinks came, I was surprised to see that the actual drinks are exact copies of those from the pictures! So, it was like *JOY* =D and I was kid yapping for mine.

To be honest, it tasted no trace of cherries. Instead, the taste reminded me of a childhood favorite, ice scramble! And I was super glad that I ordered it. Can you see the evaporated milk showering the ice into the red liquid? However, I can't quite figure out what exactly is this drink's flavor and I did a little research. I thought sala was some kind of fruit. Turned out sala is somewhat like a pavillion. I know that, it's the same term on our dialect. So why Sala Shake? I don't really care because the taste and the presentation and the price had me at hello.

Thai Coffee Cream | Php 98.00
This is S' drink and I don't have a clue on how it tasted like. =\ I wanted to though, but we caught up in all the snapping photos and chika sesh.

Too bad J was there with me and the G Team isn't complete. He was envious though because he was already falling in love with Thai food, thanks to my influence. Oh, a trip back is just some bus drive away anyway. 

And, lastly for my verdict. Check it out below:


{the place was a little small}

{very delish}

{fast orders, friendly staff}

Value for Money
{affordable and worth the price}

6 cutesy burps:

  1. Well A, sorry you didn't get to sip on that drink..For your everyone's info, the Thai Coffee Cream tasted like typical coffee..Not super sweet but not strong too..The taste was not really remarkable but the presentation was good..One satisfied customer here...=)

    1. Haha! Next time we eat, we should take a sip of each other's drinks! :) Do you wanna start a blog? Lol. 2 ta author?

  2. all the foods and drinks look so deliiiii <333

    1. They all are! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I love your blog set up. It's so nice! :)

    1. Thanks, Joei! Yours is lovelier. Been reading your blog. :)




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