Tea Over Cupcakes in The Royal Touch

Tea Over Cupcakes 
Carolyn Robb The Royal Touch Review

Carolyn Robb The Royal Touch

SM Aura Premier

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When my friend and I met last month, all we had were Thai lunch, hefty conversations, giggles, pictures and royalty cupcakes on the late part of the afternoon. S and I have the same interests -- books, cutesy stuff and food. So, upon descending the elevator and having laid eyes on this dainty cafe, we agreed to go back to the spot for a parting snack.

Carolyn Hobb founded this premium food and lifestyle brand, The Royal Chef. Carolyn is an executive chef to TRH Prince Charles, Prince William, Princess Diana and the royal families. 


J met with us on SM Aura and he got to join the ladies in having tea. The lovely cupcakes were as if waving their tiny imaginary hands to you, making you crave for them, confusing your brain as to which of them will win the ticket to your stomach. 

See what I mean? I have made mental battles with myself on those that were topped with strawberries. I love strawberries you see. The rich chocolate varieties were easy eliminates because I dislike a concentration of chocolate. The sweet, sweet taste is overpowering and I would need a lot of water to cleanse my mouth of that. I prefer the fruity ones, the subtle tasting ones.

I-forgot-the-name-cupyycake } Php 75.00

After a few minutes, I've come up with a decision. I opted to go with this fruity-topped one. The trio combo were strawberries, kiwi and peach (I think). The receipt say Sugarfree Pistachio ... and it was chopped. So pardon me for not taking notes. I was impressed with the presentation, but the taste. It was a little bit tangy and cheesy, but cheesy in a not-my-kind of way. So, no I didn't enjoy my order.

Blueberry Cheesecake | Php75.00
This is J's order -- Blueberry Cheesecake. It was kind of okay. Creamy and the blueberry was thick, so it kind of passed my expectations. And the intricate flower designs around the edges were nice touches. 

Lady Bluberry Cheesecake | Php 75.00

This is S's order, Lady Blueberry Cheesecake. Among the three, I only liked this one. The consistency of the cupcake was perfect and there were crushed almonds and fresh blueberries in it so I kind of enjoyed it. Also, the butter cream was yummy.

And since J and I are together, our cupcakes should have their picture together too! :) HAHA!

Forest Fruit First Tea | Php 100.00
The two of us helped ourselves with a cup or two of this tea. J ordered coke. Don't men drink tea these days? I got addicted to tea that I have a mug full of sachets from Marriott (J would take some home for me during his training there). Tea is always perfect with desserts; it makes them more tolerable. I just don't dig sugar, you see. 

For the verdict:


Though the credit says the chef was royal, the taste have failed to allow me to feel like a princess. Sorry. The ambiance is really impressive, with the large mirrors and the music, which seems to be coming from an RPG game. I wasn't really impressed with the taste of the cupcakes. I love the designs and the presentation though. And the price is affordable and the staff were very courteous. I would still eat my cakes in Dulgies!! 




Value for Money

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3 cutesy burps:

  1. ambiance seems very inviting! the blueberry cheesecake looks scrumptious!


  2. aww too bad the cupcakes fell short of your expectations.. i love the presentation of their cupcakes though.. and their plates and tea set.. lovely! :)

  3. wohhh...they all looked so delish...




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