Getting Steaky at Chili's

Getting Steaky at Chili's 
Chili's Grill & Bar Restaurant Review

Chili's Grill & Bar

Megamall 2/L Mega Atrium, SM Megamall Edsa 
cor. Julia Vargas Ave., Mandaluyong City
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One afternoon after doing our errands, the G team wanted to try out a new restaurant to de stress from work and to enjoy a little more of the good life. They battled between a couple, but then they arrived on one decision -- Chili's.

Upon seeing the packed restaurant, we thought we wouldn't be disappointed with the decision. There were two people before us in the waiting area. In no time, we were accompanied by one of the staff inside. We opted to go dine inside so that we can take a better feel of the place.

Since this is a burger - steak - quesadillas type of restaurant, I had a hard time picking out the food. I love Mexican and American food!


Greeting the main door of the restaurant is the bar of Chili's. I like the induced party-mood effect of the blue phosphorescence coming from under the bar's counter. The food available in Chili's would be perfect to go with chilled beer or iced margaritas. I actually saw their Alcoholic Beverage section and I was elated to order one, but did not.


Baby Back Ribs, Half Rack | Php 620.00
We choose to go with the Baby Back Ribs (Half Rack only) since we were planning for an early dinner. Besides, the picture of it in the menu looks so appetizing. Buttered corn with spices and large pieces of fries were its side dishes. Carbo loading day, it is. 

J was impressed with the steak, while I was just A-okay. I thought it was not that juicy and saucey -- if you know what I mean. I have tasted a much more delish steak at Bourbon Cafe back in our hometown, speaking of which. I should go visit again and take decent pictures this time.

White Rice | Php 50.00 per plate (1 serving)

We ordered white rice as if we were prepping up for a frisbee tournament the next day. It's still a long way home so we thought of stuffing ourselves as to avoid having dinner part II when we arrive home.

I would love to order nachos and other finger-licking goodies, but I have to count calories if I wouldn't want to grow old fat and unhealthy, right?

Ketchup and Spices | Not for Sale

Ketchup for your fries and spices for everything else. I added pepper to my corn. I love spices very, very much.


Fresh Strawberry | Php 195.00

Fresh Strawberry | Php 195.00
I wondered why this drink is just called Fresh Strawberry. I was wondering why didn't they named it Strawberries and Cream or something. At the first stip, I knew why. The drink is purely made from fresh strawberries (and some cream and ice of course)! I mean, the glass is like loaded with dozens of those berries. The taste is rich and creamy. It was actually.... perfect. There were large chunks of fresh strawberries too which I enjoyed munching on oh so much!


Photo taken from Chili's FB Page
When you dine at Chili's, you are sure that you'll receive coupons of some sort. We received two. One was the printed one and the other is a coupon code, which you can only acquire if you have finished up their online survey 3 days after your receipt has been issued. I haven't, I was busy. But, I guess we could still use the other printed coupon which entitles us to a plate of Buffalo wings on our next visit.


I love the feel of the restaurant, the design details and the bar, the warmth that the staff has offered us and the appetizing aura of the people who come visit the place. Nobody is on diet inside that restaurant. When your eyes gaze from one table to another, you feel an energy inside you initiated by the reds and yellows of the food and you just wish you have ordered what is on their table, but this brings us into thinking that we ought to visit the place the next time that we can.  The staff were extra friendly, interrupting you while you eat, asking you if there's anything that you need. Well, it's okay as long as they don't go overboard. The price of the dishes are a little expensive though. For me, at least.




Value for Money

4 cutesy burps:

  1. Love chili's!
    haven't tried their baby back ribs though, will try it soon! thanks for sharing!


  2. love chilis too :D i usually order lots of nachos when im there and fajitas. havent tried the ribs tho :)

  3. Love Chilis! But just like the girls above me, I haven't really tried their ribs. :(
    Although I bet it tastes like heaven!

  4. Would love to try their baby back ribs, looked so yummy!




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