Manang's Chicken: New Pinoy Food Chain

One lazy afternoon, the G Team decided to check out Ayala Malls' The District. It is a newly opened mall in Imus, Cavite, just some jeepney ride away from home. I wanted to try J. Co donuts for the longest time and thinking that the branch in The District is now available, we went there though it was already a bit late.

After knowing that J.Co is not opened yet, we weakly stomped our way through the alleys. Only a few stores were operating. Few clothing lines and few restaurants. Then, this bright tangerine store caught our attention -- Manang's Chicken. I saw a posting in SM Dasmariñas saying that Manang's Chicken will open there soon too. So, to satisfy our curiosity, we tried it out.


Upon the Manang's Chicken's wall was the story of how the store came to be. It turns out that "Manang" is the cook of a family. Manang used to cook her special soy fried chicken everytime the family requested for some. The family can't resist to share the tastiest chicken that they have on their dining table that they decided to sell out chicken on their local restos. Ang bang, Manang's Chicken was a hit.

The room is filled with orange and red room aesthetics, just perfect for an empty tummy. Don't you know that red and orange are the very colors that are stimulating to the appetite. No wonder if I see cheese powder on sweet corn and smell its aroma, I couldn't resist going near it and handing my coins for some.


Manang's Chips & Dip | Php 39.00

Potatoes! I love them. I love them in every form except in salad. I just have to order chips everywhere I go. Love the crunch I heard when the first piece was shattered by my incisors. The twist of flavors care of the garlic dip was heaven. Sour creams are my fave too.

Chicken Wings | Php 143.00

And of course, we have to order the house specialty -- fried chicken with soy and sesame seeds. Just like Korean chicken. The skin was perfect and the soy penetrated the chicken's white meat so there was no boredom in my bites.


Just plain coke for our drinks. Feel that retro vibe? Through this cup, I feel as if I am dining in a hole-in-the-wall food place. As they have claimed it, Manang's Chicken, Ang Bagong Fried Chicken ng Pinoy.

Interiors and lights. I'm a sucker for lights, in case you didn't know.

We're supposed to cap the meal with dessert, but we opt not to. Calories. Urgh. It was the Love Month, but we were KJ like that that night. ;P

I'd definitely eat here again. The meal is well within your budget.

Manang's Chicken
Ayala Malls
Imus, Cavite

2 cutesy burps:

  1. This mall is really nice. Although a little limited when it comes to shopping choices (I prefer my malls with tons of options for shopping kasi. I get bored easily. Hehehe!) But this is a good place to hand out and dine, though, as long as you're not really in the mood to window shop. =)

    I''ve been seeing this Manang's for the longest time already. Haven't had the opportunity to try them out pa lang. The Red Velvet Sundae sounds divine a. =)

  2. this place looks nice and the food looks good!




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